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Rust Removal Service

Trident uses Laser Cleaning technology to remove surface contaminants including rust, oxide, oil, rubber and carbon. It is a “Green Clean” cleaning process using approximately 35p of electricity per hour (tested using a 300w laser at 75% power in March 2023) and no media use. The contaminant residue becomes a vapour which is easily extracted into a filter.

We Provide

Rapid Response Parts Cleaning Service Trident operates a Rapid

Response Parts Cleaning Service where clients send their part to our facility in Berkshire and it is then cleaned and returned, typically within 24-48 hours.

We Provide

Conservation Surface Cleaning Service Trident’s Laser Cleaning is

extremely effective and highly recommended for Listed, Heritage and Conversation restoration. It will clean stone and timber surfaces removing carbon and paint without touching the delicate surface.

We Provide

Fire Damage Cleaning

 Our Fire Damage Cleaning Service includes a combination of Laser Cleaning and more traditional cleaning methods where necessary. Our response is quick, efficient and very effective.

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We tailor cleaning solutions to suit your specific requirements!

We Provide

Builders Cleaning

Trident has traditionally offered our Builders Cleaning Service. We are experienced and good at it. We understand that reputable building firms need an efficient, helpful, adaptable partner at handover to make sure that final process is successful one. Ensuring your company is the one chosen for the next project.

We Provide

External Building Cleaning Service

Again, this is one of our traditional services. Please contact us to discuss your external cleaning requirements, be it for brick, stone, car park, path our communal area cleaning.

Our combination of professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment guarantees outstanding results every time.